Support and Therapeutic Groups

Women’s Health and Equality Queensland (WHEQ) offers 100% free healing-centred and trauma-informed support and therapeutic groups for women who have experiences of violence across their life span.

To refer women to these groups or register your interest please email: referral@wheq.org.au.

WHEQ Group update for Term 4

We are now excited to say that we will be providing all upcoming support and therapeutic groups face-to-face.


Learn about our groups below…

Say Yes to You Workshop Series 

The Say Yes to You workshop series is a safe, supportive group where you have an opportunity to learn and grow alongside other women. This series is an educational Group exploring the impacts of domestic violence and trauma. Each session is unique and shares information and resources relevant to each topic. You may come to one, or as many as you choose, it’s up to you!

The topics that will be covered: 

  • Creating healthy relationships
  • Identifying your boundaries
  • Understanding impacts of DV & trauma
  • Self-care for your brain & body

Financial Wellbeing and You

Financial Wellbeing and You is an engaging group that will focus on exploring and understanding your relationship with money, how you think about money and your overall financial wellbeing.

Across 3 weeks you will be learning about:

  • Session 1 – Learn about your money personality
  • Session 2 – Explore your relationship with money
  • Session 3 – Where to now?

    The Shark Cage Group

    The Shark Cage Group is a safe, supportive group where you have an opportunity to learn and grow alongside other women who have experiences of violence. This Group offers a safe space to facilitate healing and empowerment for women who have experienced domestic, family and/or sexual violence.   

    • Increase knowledge of healthy/ unhealthy relationships
    • Increase abilities to care for self
    • Build capacity to set boundaries
    • Build assertive communication skills
    • Decrease feelings of self-blame for violence experienced

    Cultivating Calm

    A one-day workshop to discover tools to help manage difficult and overwhelming emotions like overthinking, anxiety, guilt, shame, anger, and loneliness. All you need are the resources you have at home and a sense of curiosity and openness.

    Learning and Outcomes:

    • Discover new ways to manage racing thoughts and busy minds
    • Safely tune into your body and what it is telling you
    • To support regulating and managing your emotions
    • Sharing tools to support curiosity about your thoughts, feelings, and senses in the present moment

    The Blossom Group

    Domestic and Family Violence (DFV) can have a range of impacts on children. This one-day workshop provides a safe and supportive space to help you understand the effects of DFV on children, what services are available for parents and children, and how to support healing in your child/children.

    Learnings and Outcomes:

    • Understand children’s involvement in and experiences of DFV​
    • Increase knowledge of the effects of DFV on children’s wellbeing ​
    • Better understand what trauma is and what it can look like
    • Increase knowledge of how to support healing in your child/children
    • Understand what support services are available and how to access them

      Art Therapy 8-Week Program 

      Art Therapy is a process of self-exploration, expressing thoughts and feelings. WHEQ’s Group Art Therapy program is for women who have experienced Domestic, Family and Sexual violence.

      Art therapy uses creative mediums like drawing, painting, colouring, and collage. Art can offer an alternative way to process traumatic events. Art can provide an outlet when words fail. The group is focused on supporting women to use different forms of creative arts to aid in healing, identifying existing strengths and finding new strengths while nurturing self and building on self-esteem.

      You do not need to be artistic to participate in this group.

      Learnings and Outcomes:

      • To assist people with exploring the skills and knowledge they currently hold onto throughout the experiences of hardship in their lives.
      • To reauthor “problem stories” and thicken alternative stories of the skills, values, and knowledges they hold onto during life’s challenges.
      • To support participants in feeling stronger and more aware of their capacities, resources, and abilities to withstand challenges.
      • To explore future possibilities and hopes

      Healing-Centred Pilates 6-week Program 

      Healing-Centred Pilates is a method of Pilates that provides a safe environment for you to learn to identify physical sensations to increase emotional awareness and tolerance.

      Learnings and Outcomes:

      • Better understand the responses in your body
      • Learn tools to switch off fight/flight/freeze response and return to parasympathetic nervous system function
      • Activate effective fight/flight responses

      Tree of Life

      Tree of life is a reflective group that supports participants to gently and creatively identify future goals, their strengths, and support systems. This includes elements you would like to include from your past, present, and looking into the future.

      The tree is a visual representation of your life and various elements that make it up.

      Learnings and Outcomes:

      • An opportunity for participants to discover or rediscover aspects from the past that may have contributed to who they are today.
      • Actively cultivate your tree to reflect on the kind of person you want to be moving forward.
      • Support participants in feeling stronger and more aware of their capacities, resources, and abilities to withstand challenges.
      • To explore future possibilities and outcomes.