Support and Therapeutic Groups

Women’s Health and Equality Queensland offers 100% free healing-centred and trauma-informed support and therapeutic groups for women who have experiences of violence across their life span.

All groups will be held at our Stones Corner offices with limited spaces, please contact us on 07 3216 0976 (ext.1) or health@wheq.org.au to enrol in these groups.  

Please see our flyer and dates for Term 4

Learn about our groups below…

Shark Cage  

This group offers a safe space to facilitate healing and empowerment for women who have experienced domestic and Family Violence through increasing knowledge of healthy/unhealthy relationships, discussion on self care, building capacity to set boundaries, building assertive communication skills and decrease feelings of self blame.  

Bringing up Great Kids- Parenting After Violence (Adolescents) 

A mindful, reflective and respectful parenting program learning alongside others, with a focus on rebuilding trust and connection with adolescents (10 yrs +) who may have been impacted by violence.   

Women’s Welcome Group 

A space for new women to connect and explore self-care and coping strategies alongside others using art and craft. 

Social Group  

This monthly group is a space for connection and support using different activities for women who have previously completed a group program or counselling at Women’s Health and Equality.


Trauma-Sensitive Pilates is a method of Pilates that provides a safe environment for you to learn to identify and tolerate physical sensations to increase emotional awareness and affect tolerance. 

Tree of Life  

This is one-day workshop that supports participants to reflect and identify their journey from the past and future goals by identifying their strengths, and support systems.