Professional Education

Women’s Health and Equality Queensland (WHEQ) provides a range of education and development opportunities for professionals and organisations. You can access our scheduled education workshops on the events page here.

This includes:

Foundations of Gendered Violence
This introductory course combines several education modules designed to build foundational knowledge of domestic, family and sexual violence, the impact on families and society, and how it can be prevented. You will also explore: trauma and healing-informed practice and how to be an ally to friends, family, neighbours and colleagues experiencing gendered violence.

Primary Prevention Series
This course explores gendered drivers and reinforcing factors; case studies of successful primary prevention campaigns; participatory health promotion and behaviour change frameworks; practical tips on how to design, deliver and evaluate prevention initiatives. It also gives you the opportunity to develop and design primary prevention strategies and initiatives for your community or workplace.

Trauma-Informed Organisational Practice
This workshop facilitates greater safety and healing for your clients as well as your staff. It will enable staff at every level of your organisation to engage in trauma-informed healing-centred practice. It will also apply a trauma-informed lens to organisational policies, procedures and processes to increase staff and organisational wellbeing. You will leave the workshop with an action plan for your workplace.

Trauma and Healing
This module discusses types of trauma and its incidence in the Australian context. It explores the impact of trauma on social, emotional, physical and cultural wellbeing, including recognising the signs and symptoms of trauma. This module also shares skills in trauma-informed responses that encourage healing.

Consent and Respect for Educators
This module is aimed at educators and youth practitioners working with young people. Learn about the myths and facts on sexual and intimate partner violence, understand the role of respect and consent in intimate relationships and support young people to create safer, healthier and more equal relationships with friends and intimate partners.

Youth Ally
This two-day workshop is aimed at young people (12-25) to empower them with knowledge and skills to navigate healthy relationships for themselves and their peers. They are also equipped with the capability to create primary prevention of violence initiatives within their own communities and contexts.

Equity and Diversity Organisational Practices
Improving respect and gender equity in our communities and workplaces is proven to reduce violence, promote wellbeing and enhance productivity. Equal workplaces and communities are known to be happier and healthier. WHEQ can equip you with tools and strategies to enhance equity and respect in your workplace, and help you to build a sense of fairness and togetherness in your team or community group.

For more information about our education and training opportunities please contact The Health and Equality Team engage@wheq.org.au

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