Equal and Together Alliance

About the Equal and Together Alliance

The Equal and Together Alliance is a partnership of organisations, businesses, clubs and networks that are working across Queensland to build respect and equity within their workplaces and communities. It was established in 2022 with the shared principle that preventing violence against women requires us to work together. 

Members can undertake an equity audit and be supported to implement strategies that promote equity within their business or organisation. Members also have access to a range of professional education programs to enhance equity and respect in their team or workplace. Alliance members can publicly promote their commitment to equity across diverse spaces and advertising platforms. 

Alliance members are also invited to participate in Primary Prevention Community of Practice. This supports local whole of community, place-based approaches to the prevention of violence. 

For more information about the Alliance, or to become a member, please contact the Health and Equality Team engage@womenshealth.org.au.


16 Days of Activism Campaign

ETAThe Equal & Together Alliance are using social media and the collective voice and networks of our members to promote understanding of the Drivers of Gender-Based Violence during the 16days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

The social media campaign aims to promote understanding, facilitate reflection and motivate others to take action in our collective effort to eliminate violence against women.

To check out the social media campaign go here.






Printable resources:

  1. Primary Prevention in addressing drivers of gender-based violence
  2. Driver 1: Condoning of violence against women
  3. Driver 2: Men’s control of decision-making and limits to women’s independence in public and private life. 
  4. Driver 3: Rigid gender stereotyping and dominant forms of masculinity
  5. Driver 4: Male peer relations and cultures of masculinity that emphasise aggression, dominance and control. 

How to use these resources:

Share electronically or print out and share with friends/colleagues the pdfs below.  Use these resources to reflect individually or facilitate team/group discussions about equality & safety by: 

  • Naming the focus
  • Establishing a shared understanding of the focus topic
  • Reflecting on how you understand & experience the topic
  • Exploring what action can be taken to generate change


Hashtags to use:

#16Days #16DaysOfActivism
#UNWomen #QUETA16Days
#EqualAndTogether #HumanRightsDay #GenderEquity #Activism

Useful links & resources 

General information about gender-based violence & its prevention:









Information & resources to support those facilitating conversations about gendered-based violence: 



https://www.ourwatch.org.au/resource/what-is-primary-prevention-of-violence-against-women/ https://hbr.org/2022/11/the-five-stages-of-dei-maturity 



For more information about the Alliance, or to become a member, please contact the Health and Equality Team engage@womenshealth.org.au.