Community Ally Network

Women’s Health and Equality Queensland is running an ally program to empower communities with the skills they need to undertake primary prevention of violence activities and peer-to-peer support for people affected by gendered violence. The Community Ally Network supports community leaders to influence meaningful change on the ground, through community education and program development, advocacy, peer support and information and referrals to people affected by domestic violence or sexual assault in their own communities. 

The program is particularly focussed on ways to support socially, culturally or geographically isolated people. The program is adaptable to any community and aims to share skills and frameworks that will result in lasting change. Community organisations, local community members, businesses, local government, police, schools and healthcare providers will be amongst the stakeholders invited to participate. 

After our first year of delivering this project, we have put together a complete summary report of our findings and outcomes from the project so far.

Please read the full report here.

If you would like to learn more about the program and how to get involved, please email the Health and Equality Team engage@womenshealth.org.au.