Media Community of Practice

Covering domestic, family and sexual violence challenges media workers and newsroom decision-makers right across Queensland. There are many difficult editorial and ethical choices to be navigated, with rising community pressure for more to be done to eradicate these forms of violence.

Queensland media, in particular, stands in a unique position to help make a real difference, which is why a state-wide Media Community of Practice with a shared interest in DFSV reporting has been created.

The Media DFSV Community of Practice:

  • familiarises itself with the latest research around – and guidelines around – DFSV
  • explores those guidelines – and, possibly, draft new ones
  • listens to the voices of survivors & other DFSV experts
  • shares best practices around DFSV reporting and with their own newsrooms
  • identifies obstacles to best practice (in the workplace and in the field)
  • suggests/trials potential solutions to overcoming those challenges
  • fosters peer support and self-care, especially when covering difficult DFSV stories.

WHEQ is invites all media professionals, prevention and sector workers, and victim/survivors to be a part of this important group.

Expressions of interest should be directed via email to engage@womenshealth.org.au.


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