Our History

Women’s Health and Equality Queensland has a long history of almost 40 years in operation. Founded in 1982, the idea for our organisation came out of a consciousness-raising group for women who were concerned about the lack of services specifically catering for the health needs of women. The founders wanted to see high quality, free and accessible healthcare and information for women in the state of Queensland. They believed accessible health information was necessary to destigmatise women’s healthcare, and that this would enable Queensland women to make informed decisions about their own lives.

Since our establishment as a Women’s Health Centre, the service has evolved to keep up with the demands and healthcare needs of Queensland women.

We are run by women’s health specialists, community engagement educators, and social workers. We remain an independent non-profit organisation, we are a registered charity and our work is funded by the Queensland Government Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

In 2021, our name was changed to Women’s Health and Equality Queensland. The board and staff have seen a unique opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to our work across both women’s health and gender equality. The word “Equality” talks to our celebration of diversity and dedication to creating safe communities that empower equity and opportunity for all people.