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Women’s Health and Equality Queensland (WHEQ) is a not-for-profit organisation whose purpose is to advance the health and wellbeing of all Queensland women. Our head office is in Brisbane and we maintain a state-wide footprint through partnering with local organisations and through the leveraging of technology. WHEQ has four strategic approaches to improving outcomes for women:

  1. Increase access and health equity– We take a collaborative and intersectional approach to identifying and remedying health care gaps for women in Queensland.
  2. Influencing change in communities through primary prevention of violence, gender equity programs and policy advice to Government to create structural reform.
  3. Build capability of organisations that support women through education and training, research, and partnerships.
  4. Sustainability – in all that we do, WHEQ focuses on holistic and sustainable environmental, organisational and community practices.

Download a copy of our Strategic Plan 2020–2023

Download a copy of our Annual Report 2021-2022

Download a copy of our Annual Report 2020-2021

Download a copy of our Annual Report 2019-2020

Our Purpose

To advance the health and wellbeing of all Queensland women.

Our Vision

That all women have safe and inclusive communities in which they are resourced to live their best lives.

We support a diversity of women including people who:

  • are culturally and linguistically diverse;
  • are or have experiences of violence or trauma;
  • are experiencing disadvantage;
  • are living with/impacted by disability;
  • have diverse bodies, sexualities and genders;
  • have been criminalised;
  • are unable to speak openly about their health issues;
  • identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander;
  • live in a rural, regional or remote area;
  • who may otherwise not have access to support.


    • Woman-centred – we recognise each woman’s strength, resilience and wisdom, acknowledging them as the experts in their lives and placing their unique needs at the centre of their care.
    • Collaborative – we continuously learn and share, knowing that united, we are more powerful.
    • Compassionate – we respect the unique experiences of each person, acknowledging our shared humanity and working with kindness to self and others.
    • Agile – we easily and effectively adapt, creating success in diverse environments and ways.
    • Equitable – we embrace and celebrate differences, consciously providing resources to support the best opportunities and outcomes for all.


    • To make high quality, appropriate healthcare and information accessible to all women via a range of modalities, with the aim of facilitating their decision making and improving their health.
    • To share knowledge, partner with others and provide training that increases the capability of professionals and organisations to best address the needs of women.
    • To advocate for and promote women’s health as a priority issue.
    • To be an effective, independent and dynamic organisation consistent with its purpose, vision and values.
    • To maintain an active role in the development of the women’s health sector in Queensland.
    • To support communities to become safer and more equitable places for women.

    Our work is funded through a grant provided by the Department of Justice and Attorney-General and we are a Registered Charity


    Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is a strategic document that supports our business plan and includes practical action that will drive our contribution to reconciliation both within WHEQ and in the wider community. As part of the reconciliation journey, we have established a RAP Working Group with key members of WHEQ that will promote a whole-of-organisation approach. Read more.

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