7 Women, 7 Questions

For Women’s Health Week in 2020, we asked 7 incredible women 7 questions.

The film captures the empowering and personal stories that they shared. The film features Quentin Bryce AD, CVO, singer-songwriter Kristal West, reporter and Co-Chair of the Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Council (DFVPC) Kay McGrath, Paralympian and member of the DFVPC Karni Liddell, Broncos Women’s Captain Ali Brigginshaw, MD-PhD student Hollier O’Neill and Sydney Morning Herald Columnist, former acting chair for the ABC and author Dr Kirstin Ferguson.

These women open up about their health and wellbeing and when they have needed support. They also share how they have experienced gender inequality/ discrimination, preventing men’s perpetration of violence and what they hope to change for women in our society.

Thank you to the production team from Glass Engine for making this possible and a big thank you to all the women involved in this project!

Watch the full video below: